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Новости — здесь публикуются новости и новации из игровой индустрии и вселенной Half-Life , а так же жизни сообщества.


playagv3 :>

Luckpack. V2


This pack was created: Nurdik© This pack was created according to the personal taste of the author and do not judge strictly if you did not like something, you can always change them. And this pack is INTENDED FOR ADRENALINE […]



Pack By RezWaki — SkonfPack v1.0 — This pack is aimed at high-fps gaming, like 250fps or more, I can reach 200-250 fps on integrated Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family video chipset (64 MB video-ram) using this pack… Unzip all […]


Параметры запуска — -game ag +exec bear1.cfg +exec LOX.cfg -w 640 -h 480 gauss=1 shotgun=2 mp5=3 crossbow=f handgun=x crowbar=c egon=4 Прицел красная точка

pmers clanmodel


Restored playermodel of team pmers Original model was created in year 1999, and it seems to be damaged, nevertheless I’ve decompiled it successfully and re-attached bones for gordon.mdl with that reference Model By RezWaki