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[TUT] Как установить Спрайты / HUD’ы?
HUD — часть визуального интерфейса игрока, отображающаяся на фоне виртуального игрового пространства в процессе игры от первого лица.



StrokePack By RezWaki (unshared before) My old pack which I’ve used at some of my streams on YT This pack contains: white handed weapon models, black-white textures & stroke weapon & number huds, some new sounds & clear-colored playermodels (for […]

Прицелы by Pλvel(executλble)


Прицелы от executλble. Скрины с телефона, играю с нестандартными модельками.  

OVERLORD resource pack


Black’n’white-additive v_ models pack, red sprite w_ models pack, my custom textures halflife wad for most of AG maps, to work write in console r_wadtextures 1 before join any map/server. Sounds from WS pack except the gauss sound what is […]

Luckpack. V3(END)


    SPECIAL THANKS: 3037, vendami. This pack was created: Nurdik© This pack was created according to the personal taste of the author and do not judge strictly if you did not like something, you can always change them. And […]

animglow01 by Anklava


Animglow sprite by Anklava