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CS 1.6 models pack for HL


CS 1.6 models port for HL, including playermodels red/blue Full models list: Mp5 Glock-17 Crossbow Shotgun Crowbar Handgrenade (including w_ model)   By RezWaki



Wire-like models with additive textures, HLTV style also available (not full) Models By RezWaki

Handless models pack


v_ handless models, all anims works fine, including rpg reload & shotgun reload u can find here also additive variant of this models in «additive» folder screenshots is in «shots» folder, extract to «valve\models» folder



This pack contains basic v_ models which is: Shotgun — CZ1012 Mp5 — LUGER 9mm Gauss — My old model Glock17 — Smith & Wesson .45 ACP black RPG — Random red rpg model Crossbow — Not my model Also […]

«TürkPack» v2


v_ models with red costume-wided gloves, also red & blue playermodels, screenshots in «shots» folder I’ve also added Worldspawn’s sound pack here :)