Категория : Gauss



This pack contains basic v_ models which is: Shotgun — CZ1012 Mp5 — LUGER 9mm Gauss — My old model Glock17 — Smith & Wesson .45 ACP black RPG — Random red rpg model Crossbow — Not my model Also […]

«CyanPack» v2 — resource pack


v2 — replaced sprites, weapon models & player models. Added new player model — barney from HDPack. PlayAG textures (halflife.wad) Re-animated shotgun («reload» & «start_reload») Added new weapon models (crossbow+RPG) By RezWaki

«CyanPack» weapon models pack


Changed weapons: Gauss; Shotgun; Handgun; Crowbar; Mp5 Re-animated & «re-referenced» Pack By RezWaki

BlueShift HLTV weapon models By Expade


Models By Expade (original post link) «HLTV» weapon models means that this models is without «draw» & «holster» animations

Narkomanian ultra-pack


«Narkomanian» pack of psychodelical weapon & player models. Full models list (* — bugged animations of duck): Headcrabbed gordon Crowbarhead Xyiborg/cyborg Einstein (scientist from singleplayer) * Gauss Pistol (9mmhandgun) Pistol (9mmhandgun) #2 Kleiner (scientist from singleplayer) * Shotgun Slavehead Screenshots […]