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Новости — здесь публикуются новости и новации из игровой индустрии и вселенной Half-Life , а так же жизни сообщества.

pmers clanmodel


Restored playermodel of team pmers Original model was created in year 1999, and it seems to be damaged, nevertheless I’ve decompiled it successfully and re-attached bones for gordon.mdl with that reference Model By RezWaki



Dwango map is based on «MAP01» from DWANGO5 wadpack for Doom2 Deathmatch This map is gaussless cuz gauss on this map can make some disbalance, nevermind, its a bit corridor map. This time I’ve finally learned how to pack textures […]



That’s simple remake of Q3’s map «thunderstuck». Installation is quite simple — just copy all from this folder to your «valve» folder. Or ag :D P.S. This map not predents to be very balanced (its actually fully imbalanced), just funny […]



MainYard final release Development time: 1-2 weeks Filename(s): mainyard.bsp warez_dm author: Brett «Thanos» Johnson Author: RezWaki Release date: 03/09/2019 Better to play this map with full Gamma & Brightness settings Map facts: Map is based on stalkyard from Half-Life Alpha […]

Blue/Red «AspirineGuy»


Tablet-head playermodel Important thing thats hitboxes WASNT modified, hitboxes is same that in «gordon» playermodel «AspirineGuy»